Free online mini training: The Power of Sensitivity

How to feel peaceful & confident as a Highly Sensitive Person


and make the most out of your sensitivity!

In this Free Online Mini Training you will learn:  


  • The 3 most common challenges of highly sensitive people & empaths
  • How to turn confusion and overwhelm into clarity and confidence
  • 3 powerful guided meditations
    to help you feel balanced, peaceful & strong with your sensitivity!

What others are saying:

“I do very similar work as Irene Langeveld and from my perspective, Irene is the real deal! She walks her talk and knows her stuff.”

Marieken Volz

Spiritual Mentor, Superbly Sensitive

“I have been playing your meditations and have found them grounding, centering, delicate, gentle and incredibly helpful in every way”


“Irene is able to show the great power in sensitivity and her openness is very inspiring. Working with Irene is like coming Home.”

Leony Vandebelt

International Teacher, Writer and Energy Intuitive, Free Happy Children

“Thank you Irene for being willing to share your insights and experiences, guiding us into a greater freedom, sharing those tools that allow us to take our place as beautiful sensitive beings.”