Heart Centered Living – Online Course

This online course is available until september 30, 2019!

Heart Centered Living is a powerful online meditation course


to deepen the connection with your heart and the essence of who you are.


Would you like to:_MG_9018cropedit

  • Live from your heart?
  • Trust yourself and your unique path in life?
  • Follow through on what is important to you?
  • Stop holding yourself back because of fear and/or self doubt?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, this course might be a perfect fit for you.

“Connecting with my heart energy gives me a deep feeling of inner peace. I have a stronger connection with myself and feel more centered in my daily life.”


In this 6 week online course you will learn:

    • How you can connect with your heart in meditations AND during your everyday acitvities
    • How to find and keep your balance as you go through your day
    • How to access and grow your intuition and inner wisdom
    • How to create from the heart, in co-creation with the universe and according to your values and inner wisdom
    • How to move through fear, anxiety, (self) doubt and other challenges
    • How to support and love yourself as you move through life

“I have learned to consciously connect with my intuition and trust the answers I receive”



This course has a beautiful mix of practical tools and powerful guided meditations. The meditations will help you experience and anchor the energies, the tools and tips will help you bring this energy into our daily life.

It’s one thing to have abeautiful experience in meditation… it’s another to feel that same energy during your daily activities. This course not only opens you to new energies and experiences, it also helps you bridge that gap to your daily life.

“This course has changed my life. I am more grounded and because of that, I can deal with my sensitivity much better. I can protect myself from emotions that are not mine and I can discern which emotions are mine and which ones are not. I have more energy, more love for myself and I make choices based on feeling more than on (over)thinking, which keeps me on track! I feel I’m a different person because of this course.”


“My confidence has grown. I can release things much more easily and I trust the the universe will help me with it. I still benefit from this course every day.”

You will receive 6 modules:

Module 1: Your Energetic Foundation

Build a strong energetic foundation to find your center and STAY centered throughout your day. Includes a guided morning meditation to set up your day and a guided evening meditation to come back to yourself at the end of your day.

Module 2: Demonstrating the Energy of Love

Radiate your heart energy and compassion and learn to stay centered in yourself as you interact with other people.

Module 3: Intuition & Inner Wisdom

Connect with and deepen your intuition. Use it as a daily tool (your inner compass or gps always knows what the best route is for you) and access your inner wisdom whenever you have questions.

Module 4: Co-creating from the Heart

Work together in co-creation with the universe and find a balance between setting your intention and going with the flow.

Module 5: Moving through Fear & Anxiety

Learn how you can move through your fears, doubts and anxieties whenever they come up. They’re part of the deal, but when you learn how you can work with them instead of against them life gets a lot easier.

Module 6: Supporting & Loving Yourself

Deepen your connection with yourself and learn to support and love yourself on a deeper level. Create your own sacred space as you move through the ups and downs of life.

In each module you will receive:

  • 1 or more guided meditations to open to new levels of connection with yourself (a total of 10 guided meditations delivered through video & mp3)
  • 1 video with practical tools and tips to anchor the energy of the meditations in your everyday life
  • 1 pdf with an overview of the tools so that you can come back to them easily
  • Email support where you can email me your questions once a week during the entire length of the course!

You can go through the course completely at your own pace because you will get lifetime access to all course materials. You will also be able to download every single video and meditation in the course so you can easily access them wherever you are.

“I wanted to learn to stay true to myself in challenging situations and experience more balance and confidence, because I was always anxious. Since attending the course I feel stronger. I’m not so much influenced by what other people say. I feel much more at peace and I’ve become more ‘me’. There is hardly any anxiety left and if it comes up, I know how to work with it. Very beautiful.”


“I used to get advice like “stay true to yourself” and “stay grounded” but that was too abstract for me. With the tools in this course I notice a big difference in my life. As you say in one of your videos: “it’s great to have a good meditation but it is about integrating it in your daily life that makes a difference”.

How to get started

Irene LangeveldThis course will be available until september 30th!

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More testimonials from people who took this course:

“I plan to do the entire course again but I can already say that I found it very valuable. Very practical, very clear, very loving, very real.”


“For me the greatest strength of this course is it’s simplicity. I tend to make things too complicated. Throughout the course I have experienced that relatively simple exercises can have a huge effect.”


“Thank you dear Irene for this course. It has enriched my life and I can come back to the videos whenever I’m experiencing challenges!”