How can you stay centered in social situations when you’re highly sensitive and feeling so much from other people?

In this video I give my 3 most important tips to make sure you can enjoy social situations (dinners, get-togethers with people you love, etc) without getting exhausted:


Before the event, take some time for yourself to ground yourself and be as present as you can be in your body. You can use my grounding meditation for it (freely available here) or anything else that helps you ground and feel strong and balanced.

During the event, practice keeping part of your attention inside your body. Ask yourself: how is my body feeling?

You can listen to people and let the information come to you instead of you having to go outside of yourself to ‘go get it’. This is one of the biggest keys to prevent exhaustion and keep yourself centered.

Whenever there’s a little break (bathroom! ;-)) check in with your grounding and if needed, consciously allow the energies from others to leave your field through your grounding chords (hint: you need to be grounded to make this work!). Take a few deep breaths and then you’re ready to continue the interactions again.

If you have trouble keeping yourself grounded and centered in your daily life and you’re often exhausted after social interactions, then my online course Thriving with Sensitivity might be a great fit.

In this online video course I teach you everything I know about staying centered and balanced as a highly sensitive person (and also what you can do to bring yourself back when you’ve lost yourself). Including guided meditations!

If this video resonated with you, then check out Thriving with Sensitivity here:

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