Are you an empath?

Do you feel other people's emotions as if they are your own?

I can teach you to:

  • live with your sensitivity in a powerful way
  • connect with your intuition
  • understand your emotions, fears and doubts

So you can transform the challenges and thrive with your sensitivity

Start Here!

_MG_8277You are in the right place if:

  • You feel ‘everything from everyone’ and need help with your sensitivity & empathy
  • You want to deepen your intuition and really trust it
  • You want to find the gifts in your sensitivity
  • And create your life in a way that fits YOU. In a heart-centered, compassionate, joyful way.

So that you can:

  • Thrive with your sensitivity
  • Trust and follow your heart & intuition
  • Live a life of purpose
  • and be of service to others (while taking extremely good care of yourself)

I understand the journey that you’re on. I’ve been there and I am living it every day. You can read my story here.

Welcome, my name is Irene Langeveld.

You could call me a teacher, a speaker or a coach…

but what I really do is helping highly sensitive people and empaths

to experience their sensitivity as a strength instead of a weakness. 

I can help you:

  • feel confident and powerful with your sensitivity,
  • use your intuition to follow your own path in life
  • so you can feel happy, peaceful and fulfilled.

I believe that sensitivity is a huge gift

dreamstime_m_2823738Whether you call it being highly sensitive (HSP – a highly sensitive person) or an empath (someone who feels emotions from others as if they are their own), if you are here you probably struggle with the depth of what you are feeling:

  • your own emotions
  • the emotions from other people

And you probably don’t even know whether what you are feeling is from you or from someone else.

Welcome in the world of a highly sensitive person or empath!

First, to get definitions out of the way:

A highly sensitive person is someone who processes information more deeply than other people. It is NOT a disorder. It’s a character trait that about 20% of the population possesses. You are born with it.

You may be sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and other sensory information. You are probably a deep thinker as well as a deep feeler. You feel your own emotions deeply, but you also feel the emotions from other people and the atmosphere in a room.

An empath is someone who takes on emotions from other people as if they are their own.

For example: you spend time with someone who is sad and when you leave, you not only understand why that person is feeling sad (that’s called empathy and everyone except sociopaths have that ability in one way or another) but you also FEEL sad yourself. You have taken on the emotion from the other person and now you have to process that.

Most highly sensitive people (HSP) are also empaths. In my native language, Dutch, the word empath doesn’t even exist and we just use ‘highly sensitive person’. So don’t worry about the definitions and whether you’re one or the other or both. It doesn’t really matter.

If you recognize yourself in what I write here, you’re in the right place!

How can I help you?

dreamstime_m_13531794As I said, I believe your sensitivity is your greatest gift.

And I know that (especially in the beginning) it doesn’t feel that way!

In order to really thrive with your sensitivity, you have to get out of ‘survival-mode’ with your sensitivity: You have to learn what is yours and what is not. You have to learn how you can let go of emotions and energies from other people. You have to learn to stay strong and centered in yourself so you can still FEEL everything… but it won’t throw you off balance or overwhelm you anymore.

And once you have that stability (and I teach you how to do that in my online course Thriving with Sensivity), then you create a space for your intuition to come through.

Your intuition is a subtle, soft, gentle voice. As long as you’re still struggling with everything you’re feeling, that voice is very hard to hear.

But once you feel stronger and more balanced and centered, then your intuition opens up. Then you can learn to listen and recoginize your intuition and how it communicates with you.

Then you can use your intuition as a guide, a compass, for your daily life. You can tune into your intuition when you make decisions – so you make the decisions that are totally right for you.

Then you can start to build your life anew. In a way that fits you. In a heart-centered, compassionate way. Learning to be compassionate to yourself as well as to others. And to really enjoy life and all of your sensitivity again.

And that journey is what I can help you with.

Getting started:

The best way to get started is my free meditation series Living In Peace.

These are 7 of my best meditations, available to you for free!

Sign up here and get started with the first meditation:

“I’ve been using your meditations and found them grounding, centering, delicate, gentle and incredibly helpful in every way!” Sophie

“WOW!! I cannot thank you enough for this free series. This journey has been really incredible. With each and every meditation I let go of more and more “stuff”; feeling more grounded within myself. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom and I’m beginning to like my true self. And I have to tell you that the sound of your voice is so sweet, the minute I hear you I instinctively relax. You have an amazing gift.” Olga

Online Meditation Courses

I have 2 online courses available for you. These courses are a combination of powerful guided meditations and instruction videos with tips and exercises to use in your daily life.

Thriving with Sensitivity

In the online course Thriving with Sensitivity you will learn how to:

  • recognize what is yours and what is not
  • let go of emotions and energies from other people
  • stop monitoring and pleasing people
  • keep your energy strong and contained so you don’t get drained anymore
  • and feel grounded, strong and centered

This course is key to transforming the challenges of your sensitivity into gifts. Once you learn how to step out of survival-mode with your sensitivity you can feel strong, balanced and peaceful again. No matter how sensitive you are!


Thriving with Sensitivity - online course

Click here for more information about Thriving with Sensitivity

Open Your Intuition

In the online course Open Your Intuition you will learn:

  • how your intuition communicates with you
  • a simple 4 step process to connect with your intuition
  • how your past may be blocking your intuition (and how to work with that)
  • to connect with your guides and spirit team
  • how you can use your intuition for every decision and (almost) every question you have

Open Your Intuition is a course filled with guided meditations and exercises to practice your communication with your intuition. Your intuition is simply your soul speaking to you! So you can get a higher perspective and experience more guidance in your life (so you can make better decisions!).

You’ll get lots and lots of practice in this course so you will feel confident with your intuition.


Open Your Intuition - online course

Click here for more information about Open Your Intuition
“Working with Irene is like coming Home” Leony Vandebelt

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“Irene’s sweetness and purity allows her to connect on depths and levels many healers stay away from” Danielle Garcia

Intuitive, Medium & Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Angels

“Irene is a rare combination of youth and deep wisdom. She has the ability to help you say “yes” to yourself and to know more of who you are!” Peggy Phoenix Dubro

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