The Power of Sensitivity

Online Courses + Meditations
for highly sensitive people (HSP) and empaths


Are you an empath or a highly sensitive person?


Or do you think you might be? On this page I explain what it means to be a highly sensitive person.

In short: a highly sensitive person (HSP) processes information on a deeper level than others.

You might be:

  • sensitive to loud noises (most HSP don’t like busy places)
  • caring and compassionate towards others
  • a perfectionist who can work very diligently and precisely
  • in need of more downtime and alone-time than others
    (you need more time to process your experiences)
  • creative and intuitive
  • deeply connected with nature

Many HSP are also empaths: they pick up emotions from other people and can even feel them as if they are their own.

About 20% of all humans is HSP! So you are unique, but definitely not the only one :)

I know from experience that being highly sensitive can come with many challenges, like:

  • being tired more often than others
  • sensory overload
  • being extremely hard on yourself
  • difficulty distinguishing if what you’re feeling is yours or from others
  • difficulty with setting healthy boundaries
  • difficulty staying centered and connected with yourself

In general you could say that for most HSP, life is a bit (or a lot) more stressful and intense than for others.

But your sensitivity is also your greatest gift.

Once you learn how to deal with the challenges, the talents of your sensitivity can come forward.

And that’s what I can help you with.

How to get started: Free mini training

The Power of Sensitivity

In this Free Online Mini Training you will learn:


  • The 3 most common challenges of highly sensitive people & empaths
  • How to turn confusion and overwhelm into clarity and confidence
  • 3 powerful guided meditations
    to help you feel balanced, peaceful & strong with your sensitivity!

“I’ve been using your meditations and found them grounding, centering, delicate, gentle and incredibly helpful in every way!”


“WOW!! I cannot thank you enough for this free series. This journey has been really incredible. With each and every meditation I let go of more and more “stuff”; feeling more grounded within myself. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom and I’m beginning to like my true self. And I have to tell you that the sound of your voice is so sweet, the minute I hear you I instinctively relax. You have an amazing gift.”


“Working with Irene is like coming Home”

Leony Vandebelt

International Teacher, Writer & Energy Intuitive, Free Happy Children

“Irene’s sweetness and purity allows her to connect on depths and levels many healers stay away from”

Danielle Garcia

Intuitive, Medium & Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Angels

“Irene is a rare combination of youth and deep wisdom. She has the ability to help you say “yes” to yourself and to know more of who you are!”

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Founder and Originator of the EMF Balancing Technique©