1 on 1 Mentoring

The most personal & powerful way to work with me

With personal guided meditations, made specifically for you!

Are you at a crossroad in your life?

Or are you struggling with your sensitivity?

Would you like to change unhelpful old patterns?

Can you use some help in dealing with your emotions, anxiety or thought patterns?

Then my 1×1 mentoring program might be perfect for you.

In this program I help highly sensitive people to:

  • Get clarity on why they react the way they do
  • Lovingly look at themselves and all their thoughts and feelings
  • Feel stronger and more confident
  • Release fears, anxiety or other strong emotions
  • Manage their sensitivity so they can function better in work or relationships
  • Find new ways to react to other people and situations

In the sessions I use deep questioning combined with a guided meditation, specifically made for you.

Instead of just focusing on the mental level, we go straight to the core of the issue. Because that’s where you can truly change things.

“You are so wonderfully capable of getting to the core with your questions and guided meditations in the sessions. To help me get clarity. I felt more whole after every session. My inner critic has become more gentle. Dark and light are more integrated. I feel more self acceptance and freedom… and joy!”


Is this you?


You are at a crossroads in your life and you don’t know what to do or how to create new possibilities for yourself.

You know you want to do things differently but you don’t know how.

You would like clarity & guidance to find out what you want and/or how you can set that into motion.


You know what you want but it seems like certain fears, doubts and old patterns are holding you back. Like you are sabotaging yourself.


you would like support in finding/experiencing the gifts in your sensitivity.

Maybe there are specific situations that you find difficult, certain people or places that drain you, or certain aspects of your sensitivity that you find challenging.


You bump into the same old patterns time and time again. Like: perfectionism, fear of rejection, loneliness, not setting clear boundaries… the list is endless. The bottom line is: you want to change something so you can feel more confident or peaceful or joyful in your daily life.

If this sounds like you, then my mentoring program might be for you.

Hi and welcome! My name is Irene Langeveld. I’ve been doing these private sessions since 2012 and I love to see the changes in my clients as we work together.

In my sessions I use guided meditations as a way to get to the core of the issue and to help you make changes at a very deep level. These meditations are specifically designed for you and adapted to your needs and desires in that moment.

Change does not come from the mind, it comes from aligning your whole being and embracing everything that is within you. From a place of acceptance and loving kindness towards yourself you can tune into what you need to move forward. Going into meditation or visualisation together allows us to do that.

This is always an adventure and a joy to facilitate!

“I really enjoyed working with you! I am impressed by your insight and gentle way to break old patterns that run so deep. The sessions never failed to leave me remodeled, energized, balanced and surprised by my own energy! Transformation is hard work and takes time but with you it felt easy and joyful. Thank you so much for that!”



In this program I have helped people to:

  • Find and feel their own inner peace even in very stressful situations.
  • Understand and lovingly work with their emotions and fears so they could experience more joy in their daily life.
  • Be kinder and more understanding & accepting towards themselves
  • Understand where they want to go, figure out what they need to do to get there and then actually take the steps to move in that direction.
  • Feel more confident in interactions with others 
  • Deal with their sensitivity in such a way that they have more energy and are able to enjoy life more.

In short:

Less anxiety, more peace.

Less confusion, more clarity.

Less exhaustion, more energy.

Less doubt, more confidence.

“The sessions always gave me confidence, grounding and clarity.”

“I am so grateful for your sessions. I understand my feelings and emotions much better. Your practical advice has taught me how to recognize and work with them. I see more clearly where I stand, who I am and where my boundaries are. I have more confidence and I feel more peaceful.”

“Dear Irene, thank you! I am so glad I chose to join your mentoring program after I finished your online course. The sessions were to the point and effective. In each session, you helped me come closer to my original, loving self. This program has given me so much, and it continues to do so! Words that come to mind are: Simplicity. Clear. Transformative. Every time you touched the essence of a problem or blockage within me and taught me how to work with it so I could transform it. Thank you so much!”

What a session looks like

Part 1: Clarity & Insight 

In the first part of the session you choose a theme, problem, situation or question you would like to work on.

For example, this can be a situation at work that stresses you out or a communication with a certain person that is triggering you. Or maybe you see a repeating pattern in your life and would like to work on that.

We then look at this situation deeply to see what it is really about. This part of the session is about getting  clarity and insight

Part 2: Personal Meditation

In the second part of the session I lead you through a guided meditation, specifically designed for you and the situation you are working with.

After the first relaxation and centering we will work on your theme and I will ask you a few questions so I can lead you through the process step by step. This way, we can:

  • connect with your inner child and see what he/she needs to heal or help you move forward
  • gently look at old patterns, emotions, and/or fears and discover what is needed to help them calm down
  • work with your body to release energetic blocks that might be in the way
  • anything that may intuitively come up.

Every session and every meditation is made specifically for you at that time. You will get what you need when you need it, and never more than you are ready for. This is why these sessions are so profound and valuable.

“Thank you for being part of the greatest transformational time of my life! I am very grateful that I worked with you one on one. The conversations, meditations, and other tools have greatly assisted me in transforming my life. I always feel so refreshed and ready to claim my spirituality after a session with you. As I encounter challenges, I am confident that I will move through them with grace and recognize their gifts. Lately, I have been able to be aware and walk with Spirit throughout my day. I love the sense of joy!”


“I experience more self-love, am kinder to myself and have grown in confidence and trust. I am more present in my body and for the first time ever I know what it is like to really ground and be present in your body. I dare to trust my intuition now. This program has changed my life!”


How does it work?

The Mentoring Program consists of a series of 3 sessions. 

You will receive:

  • 3 Skype sessions of 60 minutes each (about once a month)
  • Audio recordings of your sessions
  • Email support: ask your questions via email in between sessions

Price: €295 or 3 monthly payments of €100

We start with a 30-minute free clarity session to get to know each other. This helps me get more clarity on the themes you want to work on and it helps you to decide whether you want to work with me or not.

Want to join me?

If you’re interested, let’s get to know one another :-)

You can schedule a free clarity session below.

Please note: by participating in the mentoring program you agree to the terms & conditions, which can be found here.

Book your free session below or contact me if you have any questions!