Being able to tune into and use your intuition is one of the biggest gifts of being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Anyone who is highly sensitive can develop their intuition. Actually, everybody can develop their intuition but it’s much easier when you’re sensitive!

Intuition is about tuning in to a deeper part of you and what your deeper or higher wisdom is telling you. Intuition comes from the part of you that goes beyond your human patterns, fears and strategies and is connected to a greater whole.

Here are 4 ways in which you intuition can help you: 


1) Make decisions that are really right for YOU


Many sensitive people are so tuned in to what OTHER people are feeling that they forget what they themselves actually want and need. Intuition can help you to tune into yourself again and make decisions that are right for you. And when you make decisions that are right for you, ultimately everyone benefits. It’s a win-win.


2) See your life from a different perspective


Intuition can help you see your life without judgment. We so often judge ourselves (and/or others) for what is happening. Intuition is loving, non-judgmental, and unconditional. It will support you no matter what. It can show you what is happening from a higher perspective, what is REALLY going on, and how you can be more gentle and loving towards yourself.


3) Know what is needed


Your intuition can help you feel, see or know what is needed in a given situation. For example: what someone else needs in order to feel better, what a group needs to be more harmonious, what a room needs to be comforting, etc. It can also help you become aware of what YOU need right now. Intuition can help you tune into your needs of self care and how you can take care of yourself so you can continue to help others.


4) Help others


You can also use your intuition directly to help others (when they have given you permission to do so). Intuition can be a most valuable tool to help others see their lives in a different perspective. To know what they need. To assist them in the most helpful way. Intuition helps you be flexible and tune into what is needed in this moment.

I remember the first time I did an intuitive coaching session. Afterwards I was so excited, because I realised I had turned this great challenge of my sensitivity around and was now able to use it to help others! It was one of the big moments where I realised the tremendous gifts and opportunities that sensitivity brings.

How to develop your Intuition


In my online course Open Your Intuition I teach you how you can:

  • Connect with and (further) open your intuition
  • Learn to trust your own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Heal the doubts & fears around intuition from previous experiences (from this life or past lives)
  • Connect and communicate with your guides as well as your higher self & inner wisdom

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