Ever since I have posted my first channeled message on the internet (back in 2010) people have asked me: “Can I channel too?” or “Can I be intuitive too?”. My answer: “Yes you can”! However, there are a few obstacles that you have to overcome. In this article I’ll tell you what they are and how you can deal with them.

Channeling and intuition can come in many forms. Through your connection with your higher self you can connect with your angels and guides and bring through whatever words or images they give you. You can even connect to the Archangels or Beings of Light and communicate with them. You can have a conversation where you talk to your angels about your life and they give you their view on things. You can have a sudden inspiration, a great idea, that came from ‘nowhere’ but in reality came from your higher self.

If you want to communicate directly with your higher self, guides and/or angels, there are a few things that can get in your way:

1. Your own doubts, thoughts and belief systems. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy so if you nurture a belief that you cannot channel, you won’t be able to bring anything through! You have to bypass your mind long enough to give it a chance.

2. You might have an energetic blockage or fear in the area of channeling because of past life issues. You don’t want to get burned on that stake again! Many times we have put up some very effective walls for ourselves in order to protect us.

However, right now it is completely safe to be intuitive, to be yourself and speak your unique truth, no matter what your fears are telling you. It is time to let go of these fears, heal your past trauma and fully step into your power.

To do this, connect with the little dis-empowered you from the past that is afraid to show itself. Give it love and acceptance and assure him or her that the world is a different place now. Assure him or her that you are now fully capable of dealing with the responsibilities of speaking your truth and see how the energy shifts.

3. Fear of what others think of you. Sometimes this can feel like a survival-mechanism, which puts it in the category above. However, all of us have this fear in one way or another, even if you have healed all of your past life stuff.

It’s totally human to want to fit in, to be acknowledged and accepted. All of us are shivering when we first publish our information, whether that is our own articles or channeled information. The only way to get over it… is to get over it! Step beyond the fear and do it anyway. Start slowly if you want, by showing your information to people you trust. Ask them for feedback and let them help you to get the courage to spread your word further.

4. Attachment to the outcome. When you ask spirit about an issue that you are very involved in, you are not a clear channel. You have to let go of your attachment to the outcome or the answer to be open to all the possibilities that spirit can show you. You have to step beyond human thinking to be able to receive a higher vision. Therefore, it is important to clear your mind before you start channeling. If you are emotional or out of balance, wait until you are balanced and in a higher energy before you channel.

5. Perfectionism. To bring through the messages from home, they have to go through your own filter. There’s no other way. We are all human so all intuitive¬†information is filtered and imperfect in some way. It is important to keep in mind that this is not a bad thing. To the contrary, it makes each piece of information unique and valuable. Every person and every channel brings through their own color. With all the colors, a wonderful painting can be created. If you hold back your color because it is not good enough, because it is too similar to another color, or because it is too distinct from others, you are devaluing the painting. So please go ahead and share what you have to give!

If you take the courage to step beyond your fears, doubts and limiting belief systems, anything is possible. Spirit is waiting for you to start the communication. You have something special and unique to give, whether that is channeled information or your own knowledge and wisdom. It is time to speak your truth and show us what you have to offer. If you do, we will all benefit.

Many blessings on your journey,


P.S. In my online course Open Your Intuition you learn to open and trust your intuition so you can receive information from your higher self, angels and/or guides. Click here for more information about Open Your Intuition.


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