About me

My name is Irene (in Dutch pronounced as ‘E-rain-a’) Langeveld.

I am passionate about living in peace and what that means in real, day-to-day life.

I can help you:


  • feel confident, powerful and balanced with your sensitivity
    (no matter how sensitive you are)
  • Open, deepen and trust your intuition
  • Get clarity on what you really want
    (especially in those ‘crossroads’ moments in life)
  • Clear old fears or patterns that are holding you back from moving in the direction of your choice.

Balancing Head and Heart


With a Master of Science degree in Education & Child Studies and numerous trainings in energywork and spirituality I’ve had a lot of practice balancing the head and the heart and I’m living proof that they can work together really well :-)

    I started my business in 2010 with energywork and coaching sessions, alongside my job as a child care teacher. Since the beginning of 2015 I am a fulltime entrepreneur, dedicated to everything you see on this website.

    Below is a little bit more of my story and how I got here:

    How did I get to where I am now?

    _MG_9048circleI can now say that I am comfortable with my own sensitivity and intuition.

    On top of that, life has taught me to trust, to go with the flow and to be more and more at peace with everything that’s going on in my life.

    … but it wasn’t always this way.

    The short story:

    At age 22 I was totally burned out because of extreme sensitivity, perfectionism and my habit of wanting to keep everybody happy.

    I had totally lost myself.

    I went into chronic fatigue and a time of deep reflection and healing for about 10 months.

    During that time, I couldn’t stand even being in a supermarket. The lights, the sounds and the energies of others were way too overwhelming.

    I was worried because I didn’t know if I would ever get over this. But I looked for help and I found it.

    And with the help of the right people at the right time I came out of that very difficult period in my life.

    I learned about high sensitivity.

    I learned to protect my own energy and to ground myself

    I found out that my intuition was very, very open if only I remembered to ask for guidance.

    With practice, my intuition became my compass and guidance for life.

    Not just sometimes, but 24/7.

    I found like minded and like hearted people while attending workshops and seminars from people who inspired me.

    All of those people acted as a mirror, reflecting my energy back to me. This gave me huge insights about myself and about how I might be able to help others.

    I cleared my fears of speaking my truth and I became aware that I might have something to give to the world.

    I found out that things that were very normal for me, were deep new insights for others.

    DSC_0079So I started writing blogs. They were well received. This confirmed to me that I was on the right track. I felt very grateful and excited.

    I started my business (next to my part-time job in child care) and had my first client within 2 weeks. That was 2010.

    And I grew from there, always following my intuition and what ‘felt right’.

    In 2015 it was time to let go of my job with the children and step fulltime into my own business (everything you see on this website and on my Dutch website irenelangeveld.nl).

    I’ve helped hundreds of people with their sensitivity, opening & trusting their intuition, and working with their fears & doubts, turning confusion into clarity.

    I am very grateful to be able to help others in this way.

    My greatest challenges have become my greatest gifts.

    … and I wish for you to experience the same.

    I can help you:

    • thrive with your sensitivity
    • have your intuition as a constant source of guidance & support
    • transform your doubts and fears into clarity & confidence

    So you can live a life of purpose and joy

    …and follow your heart every step of the way.

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    In this Free Online Mini Training you will learn:


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