This is a more┬ápersonal blog than I usually write. In the past few weeks I have been invited to look at some very deep soul wounds and patterns. My intuition nudged me to ask for help so I could look at it with someone else and see things I wouldn’t be able to see on my own. So I did.

I reached out and did a past life regression and deep healing session with a dear friend and colleague. The session was very clarifying and very freeing. However, in the days after that session, the emotional pain came up for release in a big way.

And after a few days of many tears and feeling all those things I actually didn’t want to feel, I found an interesting pattern within myself: I felt ashamed of the depth of my process.

Somehow, the belief had crept in that as a spiritual & energetically aware people, we should be happy & healthy all of the time.

And that when something shows up, it should be quick and easy to move through it and transform it.

But that’s just not how it works.

When we are dealing with deep (soul) healing, these processes take time. And resisting that timing by wanting it to go quicker or by resisting the feelings that are brought up, we only create more struggle.

Trust me, I tried. Part of me really didn’t want to feel the feelings that came up. At least not in the intensity that they showed themselves this time. So feeling & releasing the emotions was only part of the process. The other part was to work with and release my resistance to the process, as well as the judgment that I found within me about the whole situation.

Because it should be quick and easy, right?

No, it shouldn’t.

These processes have their own timing and allowing that to unfold in the best possible way preferably without judgment and resistance is actually the quickest way to move through it.

Normally I only start writing about these things when I have moved (almost) completely through it. This time I got an intuitive nudge to share what was happening with a group of supportive friends. So I did (a little reluctantly at first, because I don’t really like writing when I’m feeling vulnerable).

But then I discovered that so many people were going through something similar. And by sharing my point of view, I actually triggered new insights and understanding for them. That’s when I decided to share it on my personal facebook page, and there the same thing happened. I also found that writing about it was actually very healing for me, as well.

Somehow we tend to only share the positive things that are happening to us,
especially on the internet and on social media.

It is much more difficult to be open about our challenges

because it feels so vulnerable.

And yet, when we do, we understand on a much deeper level that we are not alone. And most importantly, that we are doing nothing wrong. It helps us to acknowledge the whole story: the good, the bad and the ugly and to release some of the judgments about ourselves and our own emotions and processes.

I sincerely hope to contribute to that with this post. Thanks for reading and please share any comments below or email me through this link.



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