Have you ever felt afraid to make the wrong decision?

Decision making can be hard when you do it from your mind. You can keep thinking about the pros and cons, making lists and comparisons, and still feel unsure and uncomfortable about what to choose.

Decision making gets a lot easier when you let your intuition guide you. When you do that, you take most of the confusion and anxiety out of the equation.

Allowing your intuition to guide your decision making is not complicated. I believe everyone can do it, once you’ve got a few things in place:

  1. You need to be able to let go of what is not yours. The thoughts, ideas and opinions from other people and what they might think you should do.
  2. You need to let go of the thoughts that are not your intuition: your own thoughts about what you ‘should’ be doing, about what is safe, what is comfortable, etcetera. Because in the end, following your intuition is your ultimate safety and the best advice that you could ever get.
  3. You need to know how you can align with your intuition to receive the information and guidance.

I use a very simple meditation for this entire process of aligning and tuning into my intuition. It only takes a few minutes. Here’s how it works:

The first thing you need to do is to center yourself and let go of what is not yours and the things that are not important in this moment.

  1. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath going in and out of your body (or use any other technique that helps you feel peaceful and centered).
  2. Ground yourself: imagine an energetic connection (visualize a chord, a tube or the roots of a tree) connecting your base chakra at the base of your spine with the Earth. Then also imagine grounding chords under each of your feet, energetically connecting your feet firmly with the Earth.
  3. Consciously let go of anything that’s not yours and anything that’s not important in this moment. Imagine a waterfall of light washing away all your own worries as well as the energies, opinions, beliefs and emotions from other people. They can flow into the Earth through your grounding.
  4. Choose to be fully here, now. If your attention is still with other people or with situations from the past or the future, that not only drains your energy but also blurs your focus on your intuition. Bring yourself back by consciously letting go of these situations and people. Imagine lines of energy running between you and the situations and people that are still in your mind. Imagine that you pull these lines of energy in, back to yourself. This way you bring not only your energy, but also your attention back to yourself and to the here and now.

Now that you have done the necessary preparation, it is time to align with your intuition and receive the answers.

  1. Focus on the decision and the choices that you have. Pretend that you have already made a decision. Feel into the first option. Say out loud: “I choose….” (whatever that option is). Then observe your body, your feelings, your thoughts.
  2. Let go of those feelings, take a few deep breaths to center yourself and become clear again.
  3. Then tune into the other option. Say out loud: “I choose…” (whatever the other option is). Observe your body, your feelings, your thoughts. Repeat until you have felt into all main options.

Compare the reactions from your body, your feelings and your thoughts and in most cases your decision will now be very clear. An intuitive ‘yes’ feels expansive, peaceful, warm and sometimes joyful. You will know it is the right decision, even though it might push out of your comfort zone. An intuitive ‘no’ feels contracted, tight and uncomfortable on all levels.

I use this simple process for every important decision in my life. It always works.

However, this does not mean that you will always be comfortable. Following your intuition might mean going far outside of your comfort zone. It also means that you are always guided and supported and that you can tune in at any time to see what the best decision is for you in that moment. This simple exercise can help you with that, every time.

You can find a guided meditation of this exercise here

If you want more exercises and guided meditations for connecting with your intuition, check out my online course Open Your Intuition. Click here for more information: http://irenelangeveld.com/open-your-intuition/


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