Many people wish to channel, or better said, they wish to have an open communication with their higher self and spirit guides to help them in daily life. And the good news is: that is totally possible!

In a recent blogpost I wrote about the 5 big things that can get in your way of channeling. When you have dealt with them, the channeling can begin.

Learning to channel and communicate with spirit in an open way takes time. See it as a relationship that you’re building. You’re testing the waters, getting to know each other and slowly but surely you’re getting a ‘feel’ of what the energy of the other (your higher self, angels, guides) feels like. It’s sort of like you’re blinded in a group of people and you are trying to get to know each member of the group without looking. You will learn to distinguish the voices and the energies and in the end you will be able to very quickly distinguish between the different members of the group.

The same is true with spirit & channeling. You can learn to communicate with different members of your ‘Spirit Support Team’ as I like to call it. This team is made up of angels, archangels, guides and other helpers from the other side of the veil. They are ready to work with you on a new level and communicate with you when you are ready.

I’d like to say one more thing about channeling your higher self. Your higher self is your connection to home and the spirit world so basically every channel comes through your higher self. You can also directly communicate with your higher self.

Channeling your higher self in that way is the most simple and at the same time the most difficult thing to do. It’s easiest because it is a part of you and you are always connected since you are actually one. It’s the most difficult because you will probably have difficulty trusting the information because it feels so like you! That is because it IS you. Your higher self is just a different aspect of your energy.

I’d like you to start communicating with your spirit support team right away. Develop a habit of asking questions in your meditations and allowing the answers to appear in whatever form they appear. Develop a habit of asking for help in whatever you want help with. This can be about gaining clarity, healing, letting go of fears, or creating anything that you would like to experience in your life. Ask for help and it will be given to you.

Many blessings,


P.S. In my online course Open Your Intuition you learn to open and trust your intuition so you can receive information from your higher self, angels and/or guides. Click here for more information about Open Your Intuition.


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