Most Popular Meditations on the blog:

_MG_8370There are many meditations that I have recorded over the years to share for free on the blog.

Here are the most popular ones:

Meditation to deal with the news & world events… and shine your light

Inner Child Meditation (connect with and nurture your inner child)

Earth Meditation (connect with the energy of the Earth)

Gratitude Meditation (connect with the energy & feeling of gratitude within you)

Octahedron Meditation (a way to keep your energy centered – very helpful for hsp!)

Journey to Wholeness (online workshop + guided meditation)

Living On Purpose (online workshop + guided meditation)

Riding the Waves (online workshop + guided meditation on emotional growth & healing)

Coming Home to Your Self (online workshop + guided meditation)

Do you enjoy these meditations?

Living In Peace Meditation Series

And you can sign up for my free Living In Peace Meditation series to:


  • Feel the joy of being centered in yourself
    (the #1 thing you need in order to thrive with sensitivity!)
  • Experience a deeper connection with your soul
  • Learn to easily clear your energy and let go of everything that’s not yours
  • Take your place as a sensitive person in this world
  • …and come home to yourself!
“I have been playing your meditations and have found them grounding, centering, delicate, gentle and incredibly helpful in every way”

“WOW!! I cannot thank you enough for this free series. This journey has been really incredible. With each and every meditation I let go of more and more “stuff”; feeling more grounded within myself. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom and I’m beginning to like my true self. And I have to tell you that the sound of your voice is so sweet, the minute I hear you I instinctively relax. You have an amazing gift.”

“As I began to listen to your beautiful, peaceful meditation videos I begun to find an inner quietness and calm like never before. I cannot believe the difference your words have made in my life – and so quickly!”