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If you are looking for a speaker or interview about:

  • highly sensitive people (HSP) and empaths
  • understanding and using your intuition
  • emotional intelligence: dealing with the challenges in life

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Looking for an expert on highly sensitive people, intuition or emotional intelligence?

I have helped hundreds of people to understand:

  • what being highly sensitive means and how you can turn it from a challenge into a gift
  • how  intuition works and how they can use it in their daily life
  • how you can skillfully manage your emotions and move through the challenges of your life

Hi, my name is Irene Langeveld. I am a speaker, teacher and a coach who helps people worldwide through online courses, workshops, guided meditations and 1 on 1 sessions to thrive with their sensitivity, open and trust their intuition and live an emotionally healthy life.

I have presented with and/or written for:

  • Steve Rother (author of Re-Member, Spiritual Psychology and 4 other books, translated in 16 languages)
  • Peggy Phoenix Dubro (author of Elegant Empowerment and originator of the EMF Balancing Technique©)
  • Jonette Crowley and the Center of Consciousness (author of The Eagle and The Condor and Soul Body Fusion©)
  • Lee Harris and the Portal (energy intuitive, teacher and author of Energy Speaks, Volume 1 and 2)
  • Mind Body Green lifestyle magazine
  • Nieuwetijdskind Magazine, the Netherlands’ largest website about sensitivity and spirituality

“Irene is a rare combination of youth and deep wisdom. When I first met her, I was very happy to see one so young and so energetically aware. It is evident that Irene has said “yes” to herself at a very deep level … and she has the ability to help bring you to a state of being able to say “yes” to yourself and to know more of who you are!”

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Author of Elegant Empowerment and originator of the EMF Balancing Technique©

So what does it mean to be ‘highly sensitive’ or an ’empath’?

Let’s get clear on definitions first. High sensitivity is a character trait (not a disorder!) that 20% of all people possesses. It means that their nervous system processes information more deeply. This means that sounds, lights and other sensory perceptions are heightened and that everything they feel or think is more intense. Highly sensitive people are often referred to as HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Many highly sensitive people are also empaths: they feel emotions from other people as if they are their own. Not only do they understand sadness or frustration from others, they FEEL it themselves and they often carry the emotion with them long after the person who originally carried the emotion has left.

It is generally assumed that all empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are empaths (but in my experience, most of them are).

Topics you can ask me about:

Sensitivity: being highly sensitive and/or an empath

  • What does it mean to be highly sensitive or an empath?
  • How can you deal with being highly sensitive or an empath?
  • Tips & tricks for how to stay balanced when you pick up emotions from other people and feel them as if they are your own


  • What is your intuition and how does it work?
  • How can you tune into your intuition in your daily life?
  • How can you start to trust your intuition and find a healthy balance between head and heart, mind and intuition?

Emotional Intelligence And Heart Centered Living

  • How to make the journey from the head to the heart, which is called the longest journey in a lifetime?
  • How to deal with emotions, fears and doubts in a healthy and empowering way
  • How to get clear on what is really important to you?
  • The importance of personal boundaries: how to know them, honor them and communicate them.

As Seen In:

We can tailor to different audiences:

DSC_0079For entrepeneurs, I can speak about:

  • what it means to be a highly sensitive entrepreneur: what to look out for and how to make sure you stay balanced
  • how to deal with fears or anxiety (for example: fear of being visible, fear of being rejected)
  • how to deal with self doubt and not feeling good enough
  • how you can use your intuition for important decisions in your life and business

For a spiritual audience, I can speak about:

  • the important of managing your own energy so that you don’t get stuck in other people’s ‘stuff’ (emotions & energies)
  • the higher perspective of your life and releasing judgment about your experiences, yourself and others
  • how to make the bridge from spiritual experiences into your everyday life: how to not only have beautiful meditation experiences but to bring them into your everyday experiences
  • how you can use your intuition in a very practical way in your daily life

For a highly sensitive audience, I can speak about:

  • the tools you need to stay balanced and confident in daily life
  • how to deal with overwhelm when you feel too much
  • boundaries: how to recognize, honor and communicate them
  • how to protect yourself from what you feel (it’s not what you think!)

In short:

  • intuition: what it is and how to use it
  • sensitivity and being an empath: what it is and how to work with it so you can feel powerful, confident and balanced
  • meditation: how it works and what it can bring you
  • dealing with emotions, anxiety and (self)doubts in a way that works

Official Bio

_MG_9082Irene Langeveld, MSc. helps (highly) sensitive people to thrive with their sensitivity, open and trust their intuition and transform their doubts and fears into confidence and clarity.

During her Master year in Child & Educational Studies at Leiden University, at age 22, Irene experienced a burn-out that changed her direction in life completely. She found out she was highly sensitive and an empath who had picked up emotions from others all her life, without realising it. During the burn out all protection seemed to fall away: just being in the supermarket was almost impossible because the lights, sounds and effects from other people were completely overwhelming.

Irene had to learn to deal with her sensitivity, to build a new, strong foundation and find a new way of dealing with emotions: both her own and those of other people.

Her journey through books, workshops and trainings brought her into a deep understanding of what it means to be highly sensitive and an empath and how powerful that can be. Based on her own experiences during the burn-out and in her work as a Waldorf Child Care teacher, she developed a process to help people go from ‘surviving with sensitivity’ to ‘thriving with sensitivity’ as well as a powerful way to understand and work with emotions, fears and doubts that we all deal with when we go through life.

Irene has combined all her knowledge, experience and tools into her online courses, workshops and 1 on 1 sessions. Irene connects from a space of deep compassion, non judgment and acceptance of who you are and what you experience. All of her work is a combination of practical information to help the mind understand what is going on and guided meditations to help people experience the information in a new way. The result is a more balanced, happy and confidence way of life for those of us who feel things deeply.

You can get a taste of her work in her free 7 day meditation series Living in Peace here.

_MG_8370circleShort Bio:

Irene Langeveld helps (highly) sensitive people to thrive with their sensitivity, open and trust their intuition and transform their doubts and fears into confidence and clarity.

In her online courses and workshops she uses a combination of practical tools and guided meditations to help people feel more balanced, confident and happy in their daily life.

You can listen to her free meditation series Living in Peace (including a powerful grounding meditation) here.

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