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My sessions, meditations, articles, mp3s, videos & courses are not a substitute for regular psychological and/or medical care and you are always 100% responsible for your own choices. I am not a doctor or licensed health care professional and I do not diagnose nor treat medical or mental disorders nor should any suggestions I make be accepted in place of medical advice.

Using my services is entirely at your own risk without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion.

I do not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from your session, online course, meditation, email conversation or other kind of encounter with me.

All of my work is provided for informational use only to help those interested in personal and spiritual growth. You are always responsible for the decisions you choose to make as a result of what you read or hear on this website or through any of my services (including but not limited to my courses, articles, website information, meditations and emails).

Testimonials on my site are from people who have worked with me and who have given permission to share their words on my website.


No refunds will be given for online courses or 1 on 1 sessions already received. Please take a look at my free meditations before deciding to work with me. This will give you an idea of how I work and whether that fits you and your needs.

One course = one user

When you buy an online course, the course is just for you. Do not forward the course or any of its contents to others.


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