Your intuition is your soul speaking to you. Are you listening?

_MG_9082This course is designed to help you:


  • Connect with and (further) open your intuition
  • Learn to trust your own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Heal the doubts & fears around intuition from previous experiences (from this life or past lives)
  • Connect and communicate with your guides as well as your higher self & inner wisdom


So your intuition can become a daily guide and source of knowledge and wisdom in your daily life.

What if you could trust & use your intuition with confidence in your daily life?

You can then use your intuition to:

  • know what the right decision is for you (whether that’s a tiny daily decision or a big one like moving house or changing jobs)
  • see a higher perspective on situations in your life
  • get answers to your questions and guidance in daily life

All of this is not very complicated. Instead, I believe it is much more simple than most people think.

But…. you have to know how you can make the connection, how you can align with your intuition, what questions to ask and how you can receive the answers.

You also have to work with any doubts, fears or limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your intuition.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this course.

“I had difficulty trusting the messages and translating the messages I received from my intuition. The exercises and meditations in this course have helped me trust my intuition and to see situations in my life from a higher perspective. It was very helpful, beautiful, transformative and energizing!”


Who is this for?

dreamstime_m_33599747This course is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • connect with your intuition
  • trust your intuition
  • and use your intuition in your daily life.

You may want to use your intuition to feel guided and supported in your daily life, more fully understanding what is going on in certain situations…

Or you may want to use your intuition to make choices and live your life in a way that suits you and who you want to be in the world…

Or maybe you already know you are intuitive, but you cannot always access it… and you have difficulty trusting what you get.

Or maybe you even are a facilitator, healer or coach yourself who would like to use more of your intuition in your work

Or you would like to know how you can recognize your intuition from your ‘human’ thoughts because you are often wondering whether you are ‘making it up’ or not.

In short: you would like to have more confidence, a deeper trust, and a clear process to connect with your intuition so you can use it in your daily life, for yourself and/or in your work with others.

And that is what this course can help you with.

I have experienced the difference between my intuition and the chatter from my mind. Connecting with my team of helpers was very impressive and valuable. And there is so much wisdom inside! You have a very nice way of communicating and explaining Irene, which makes complicated subjects suddenly seem clear and simple!”


I have learned to connect with my inner self on a deep level. I spend less time in my head, and more time in my heart. I feel more peaceful, my heart energy is flowing again, I stand in my strength. My guides are with me. It feels safe. This is only the beginning but it has started, thanks to this beautiful course with its deep meditations”


My story:

When I was awakening and stepped onto my spiritual path, my intuition opened widely.

I started to see images. I started to hear my intuition. I started to ‘just know’ things. And I had to learn to trust my intuition and to learn the difference between the information coming from my ‘human’ thoughts and my intuition.

How did I do that? Well, through tons and tons of practice. This taught me to distinguish between my intuition and my thoughts, and to get clear on the process of connecting with my intuition.

I also had to learn to heal my fears about being intuitive and my fears about speaking my truth. I have been burned at the stake more than once in previous lifetimes so I had a deep fear and resistance to anything that required me to ‘speak up’ and be visible.

But I knew it was time to stop being invisible and step up to do my work.

When I started doing sessions with people in 2012, a lot of my clients came to me with questions around their intuition and speaking their truth. My first sessions were focused on opening, recognizing and trusting intuition and I quickly started to see the patterns that we all run into. And to this day, intuition continues to be one of my main focuses for my sessions.

I love helping people open and trust their intuition.

This course is a gathering of all information, tools and meditations that I have been doing for myself and with my clients for many years.

What you need is:

  • a clear process to make the journey from your head to your heart (which is where you can access your intuition)
  • knowing what questions to ask and how to open yourself to receive the answers
  • a loving and gentle way to look at any doubts or fears you may have around intuition
    (so they can become part of your strength instead of something that holds you back)

So that is what this course is about.

Intuition is very natural.

dreamstime_m_13294709It’s actually the most natural thing in the world! We just put all kinds of layers upon it, making it difficult to access.

But if you let go of the emotions & opinions from other people, if you let go of your own patterns, doubts and fears for juuust a little bit… then you connect right back to yourself AND your intuition.

Your intuition is your soul speaking to you.

You cannot not be connected to your intuition, because your intuition is you!

“Since taking the course I feel so connected. It feels like I’m getting to know the real me, and from there everything flows and follows. I am so much more balanced and connected. I felt the meditations in every cell of my body. I am so happy and grateful for this course!”

Michelle Tatiana

How does it work?

This is an online video & meditation course. Every week you will receive access to a new module with videos, meditations, mp3s and pdfs.

This is what we will cover each week:

dreamstime_m_42811283Module 1: Connecting with your intuition

This module is about getting to know your intuition. You will learn how your intuition works (it’s a little bit different for everyones so you get to discover your own style!) and how you can connect to your own intuition and inner wisdom. You learn to move through the mind chatter into the stillness of your heart. This is where your intuition is!

The guided meditation in this module helps you to connect with your intuition and to familiarize yourself with the process of connecting, so that you can use it whenever you want to.

Module 2: Healing fears and doubts around intuition

We all have restrictions around intuition. For example: fears around speaking your truth and what is in your heart, doubts about whether you can indeed connect with your intuition, or maybe negative experiences you’ve had in the past that have made you doubt yourself or the process of intuition. These restrictions can come from previous experiences, either in this lifetime or previous ones.

In this module we are going to look at the restrictions you have around intuition: any fears, doubts or limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and/or your intuition. In two guided meditations you are going to look at these patterns, see what they brought you and gently integrate them so they can become part of your strength, instead of an anchor that holds you back.

Module 3: Connecting with your spirit support team: your guides and angels

Every single one of us has a circle of helpers around us: these are guides, angels, mentors, spirit animals and loved ones from the other side of the veil.

In this module you are going to connect to your circle of helpers. You will have a chance to feel their presence and their love and to see if they have any message for you. This is a very loving and heartfelt experience.

Module 4: Receiving insights & answers from your intuition

In this module I will lead you through a simple 3-step process to connect with your intuition and get answers to your questions. It is important to know what questions to ask and what questions to stay away from (because they will lead to no answers or take away your power).

This process will help you to use your intuition as a daily guide and compass in your everyday life.

Module 5: Integration week

Week 5 is integration week. This means you can go over any of the exercises, information or meditations and ask me any questions you may have about the material. If anything is not clear, we will clarify it this week. I am available through email for any questions you may have.

You will also find a Q&A Video, which will be updated as time goes by and new questions come in.

I will give you some final reminders so you can really use the information and exercises in this course even after the course is over. You will keep access to all videos, meditations, mp3s and pdfs for as long as the course exists!

“The meditations are incredibly valuable, especially because you can ask questions to your guides or your intuition and receive answers. It seems like everything is falling into place now. Finally I get answers to my questions like: how do I open my heart? How do I get more energy? How do I get out of my head? How can I feel more? Etc. This course is very good!

dreamstime_m_59159516Each week you will receive:

  • a training video with tools and information
  • 1 or more guided meditations to help you experience what we spoke about
  • a pdf with a summary of the most important information and exercises
  • the opportunity to ask me questions via email (one email per week)

And the best part: you keep access to this course even after the 5 weeks are over! So you can go completely at your own pace and re-do videos & meditations as often as you like.

“This course gave me a fantastic tool to heal myself and release the blocks and limitations I had related to my intuition.  It helped me to feel safe and confident when I communicate with my intuition, my higher being, my guides and/or ancestors. It was fantastic, thank you very much!!” –


How to get started

If you no longer want your doubts, questions or fears to hold you back from using your intuition, then this is for you.

The price for the online course is 97 euro including 21% Dutch VAT.

Ready to dive in?

“During the course I saw one of my guides for the first time!”

“I now trust myself more and more, almost automatically. I have less doubts. I think less :-) It has enriched my life!”

“I wanted to trust my intuition again because I had lost that feeling. It’s back now! Through this course I have renewed and strengthened the contact with myself and my angels.”

“I am more grounded and I have made the journey from my head to my heart. My mind is quiet and my body is much more relaxed. I do the meditations almost daily and if I ever get stuck in my thoughts, the meditations really help to let go.”

Ready to dive in?

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