Thriving with Sensitivity

Online Training for (Highly) Sensitive People and Empaths

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go from ‘surviving with sensitivity’…

… to ‘THRIVING with sensitivity’?


This course could be great for you if:

  • dreamstime_m_49785607You are very connected and attuned to what other people are feeling. For example: you can spend time with someone who is sad and after you leave, you feel sad too.


  • What others are doing or saying has a profound impact on how you are feeling. For example: you get really upset when someone is angry or frustrated with you.


  • You feel vulnerable because you simply feel so much and so deeply. Emotions, but also lights, sounds and other sensory perceptions may be overwhelming at times.


  • You often feel tired because of what you feel and how you experience life


  • You have difficulty being in groups because the company of other people can drain you.


  • Or it may be that certain people drain you: when you’ve spend time with them, you feel tired and off balance. It’s not their fault, or yours… it’s an energy dynamic that you can work with and change.


  • You need lots of downtime or alone-time after you’ve spend time with others.
If one or more of these statements ring true for you, then this might be the perfect course for you

What would it be like if:

  • You would still feel the emotions and energies from other people….but they would not throw you off balance any more?(and if they would, you would know exactly what to do to bring yourself back to balance)?
  • You could experience your own strength, with all of your sensitivity, in your everyday life?
  • You could do the things you want to do without worrying whether or not it would be ‘too much’ or overwhelming for you?

Imagine being so centered in yourself,

that the energies & emotions from other people no longer throw you off balance

… so that you can do the things you want to do without feeling overwhelmed

The online course Thriving with Sensitivity will help you do that.

The tools and guided meditations in this course will give you a strong energetic foundation so that you can deal with other people’s energies and stressful situations in a much more empowered, joyful and balanced way.

“Before the course I felt overwhelmed with other people’s emotions and energies. I worried about what others thought of me constantly. I felt all over the place and unstable, as if blowing around in a storm.

Now, after the Thriving with Sensitivity course, I am so much happier and am able to let go of others energy and bring myself back to me. I connect with the earth and feel strong and properly grounded.

Thank you Irene for being willing to share your insights and experiences, guiding us into a greater freedom, sharing those tools that allow us to take our place as beautiful sensitive beings.”


I know that being sensitive can be overwhelming and frustrating._MG_9094

It can be a struggle when you pick up emotions and energies from other people and deal with your own stuff at the same time.

It can be hard to recognize what is yours and what is not. It can make you feel vulnerable and confused.

Because you feel and care so much, you may feel easily overwhelmed and tired.

You might want to hide from the world and just be with yourself and/or at the same time crave connection with others.

You are taking care of so many people around you… but you often forget yourself. Leaving you exhausted or grumpy because you’re not getting the self-care you need and deserve.

I know all this… because I’ve been there. And then I learned to turn it around. I literally went from surviving with sensitivity to thriving with sensitivity and since 2010 I have helped many clients to do the same.

In this course you will find all the tools, exercises and meditations that I have used to turn this around. This is your foundation to deal with your sensitivity, to find the strength within you and to really start to enjoy your sensitivity.

Participants in this course tell me that they feel less overhelm and less exhaustion. They have more energy, they enjoy life on a new level and they experience more peace and more confidence in their daily life. They’re still sensitive, but now they can experience it as a gift instead of a burden.

Instead of feeling vulnerable,

you can learn how to feel strong, confident and balanced with your sensitivity.

“Thank you so much for these tools and meditations. I feel stronger, more balanced and most of all: more whole. I feel I am on the right track and my energylevel is improving. I feel like I’m building a new life!”

“Since I did the course I feel less anxiety, more peace and more confidence. The tools have helped me create a new balance for my everyday life.” – Maria


“Until a few weeks a go, being at work was a disaster. It literally made me sick. Now, after Irene’s course, I’ve learned to hold my own energy and everything is improving. It really works!”


What you will learn in this course:

You will learn through practical tools and guided meditations how to:

  • stay centered in your daily life
  • come back to your center whenever you’ve gone ‘off’ (it happens to all of us!)
  • stop the habit of monitoring everything and pleasing others
  • take your place and stand strong in your own energy as a sensitive human on this planet

So you can turn your sensitivity from a challenge into a gift and go from ‘surviving with sensitivity’ to ‘thriving with sensitivity’!

An overview of the modules:

Module 1: Find Your Center

In Module 1 you will learn how to find your center and deepen your grounding so you have a strong foundation for whatever you are going to do that day.

This module contains a guided morning meditation to start your day in the best possible way. This is your foundation to feel centered, balanced and peaceful throughout the day.

dreamstime_m_37067600Module 2: Staying Centered

Once you’ve done your morning preparations, you go into your daily activities. Things are going to happen that might throw you off balance. In this module you learn how to stay centered and connected with yourself as you move through your day, as you speak with other people, as you go through your daily life.

This takes a lot of practice but this module will give you the tools to practice so you can remain centered and balanced throughout your day.

You will also learn to keep your energy with you instead of being ‘all over the place’, which is the most common reason why people get tired and overwhelmed. If you go outside of yourself with your energy, then you open the door for other people’s energies to come in. In this module you learn to stop that pattern. This is the biggest A-HA moment for many people and it is key to feeling centered and balanced with your sensitivity.

Module 3: Letting go of what is not yours

When you are more centered in yourself, you start to recognize when you pick up emotions and energies from other people.

In this module you learn to sort out your energies, so you can call back what is yours and give back what is theirs. You learn different exercises and meditations to let go of anything that is not yours.

This helps prevent overwhelm, confusion and tiredness. It’s not your job to take on the world’s problems. It’s your job to deal with your own energies and then you can help others to deal with theirs (you can’t do it FOR them!).

dreamstime_m_23859714Module 4: Taking your place

Many sensitive people have the tendency to make themselves very small. Either physically, by not standing straight, but most of all energetically, by being invisible (always being the observer) and not taking your space.

In this module you learn how big your energy really is, what your personal space is and how you can completely take your place so you can make home for yourself in your body, on this planet.

This helps you feel stronger and more certain and peaceful. From here you can grow your compassion and take care of others without losing yourself.

I’ve also added a bonus Acceptance Meditation where you practice radical acceptance: being with ‘what is’, without judging or resisting what you are experiencing. This will help you feel more peaceful, open and alive!

“Irene is able to show the great power in sensitivity and her openness is very inspiring. She creates new pathways through her work for many to follow. Working with Irene is like coming Home.”

Leony Vandebelt

International Teacher, Writer and Energy Intuitive, Free Happy Children

Thriving with Sensitivity – how does it work?

dreamstime_m_32443142Thriving with Sensitivity is a 4 week online course filled with exercises, tools and guided meditations.

This is not a course that you watch once and then leave it. This gives you the tools and the guided meditations to use on a daily basis so you can feel balanced, strong and happy with your sensitivity. After almost 10 years, I still use these tools every day.

Because they work!

Every week you will receive:

  • a video with an explanation of the tools and exercises
  • a guided meditation to lead you through it and really experience it.
  • a pdf with an overview of the information and exercises of the week

The exercises will help you integrate your new experiences into your everyday life and the pdf will help you get back to them quickly whenever you want to review without watching the entire video.

You will be able to download every video, meditation and pdf so you can keep it forever and go through the course at your own pace.

I will be available for email support throughout the course. This means you can ask me weekly questions via email about the exercises, meditations and what comes up for you. I want you to feel supported!

The price for the entire course, including email support is 147 euro including 21% VAT.

If you are ready to deal with your sensitivity in a whole new way and go from ‘surviving with sensitivity’ to ‘thriving with sensitivity’ then this is the course for you.

Ready to start Thriving with Sensitivity?

“I do very similar work as Irene Langeveld and from my perspective, Irene is the real deal! She walks her talk and knows her stuff. Her energy is wonderful and her course is a steal!”

Marieken Volz

Spiritual Mentor, Superbly Sensitive

Read what other participants have said:

“Thank you for the great course and the beautiful work that you do! Through this course I have learned to really take my place energetically. Several puzzlepieces have fallen into place and I have made a big jump in my personal growth. This is a wonderful course for sensitive people and a great foundation to build upon!”  – Koen

“My biggest struggle with sensitivity was picking up energy from others. I confused my own thoughts and emotions with other people’s thoughts and emotions. I felt responsible for fixing other people’s feelings.

Now, every time I feel drained I take my energy back from other people and situations, and I release other people’s energies back to them. This makes me feel like I have my power back. I’m also more aware of how I tend to make my energy field smaller when I’m in crowded places. I am now practicing expanding my energy and taking my place. My biggest insight was that grounding is one of the most important things to do. It’s the foundation for every day.” – Yuliya

“If one wants to learn the tools that help us in everyday living, to be true to ourselves, not hide away, to not apologise for existing and being so ‘sensitive’, to be able to happily stand strong and pleased with ourselves, to live in ease and peace, this is the course for you. It is in achievable chunks and the meditations are bite size, easily incorporated into ones daily routine.” – Viv

“Irene, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with this course. I like that the meditations are short: nothing stops me from doing them every morning! This course is a beautiful foundation for every highly sensitive person, and even for people who are not highly sensitive. You present your knowledge with warmth, clarity and depth all at the same time. I finally feel my grounding and I notice when my energy is too much outside of myself or when I am in my pattern of pleasing people (and I know what to do when that happens). Thank you so much.” – Dorine

“Wow, I just did the meditation about ‘taking your place’. I SO enjoyed it. Tears of joy: this is the first time I’ve actually felt my entire body and energyfield! It felt great. I can’t wait to do it again!” – Cindy

“I have now experienced what it is like to be fully grounded. I have learned how to let go of energies that are not mine and to call my energy back to myself. Because of that, I am more relaxed and less exhausted at the end of the day. You have a lovely peaceful voice and the meditations are short, which makes it easy to do them every day. Thank you Irene!”

“The way you present is very open, warm and peaceful. I immediately felt ‘at home’. I now start every day with your morning meditation and end with your evening meditation. It makes a big difference: I feel stronger, my confidence has grown and I dare to be myself much more. I’m very happy that I joined this course – I still benefit from it every day!– Gerda

Ready to start Thriving with Sensitivity?