When you feel emotions from other people as if they are your own, it can be very challenging to recognize and let go of the emotions that are not yours.

In this article I am going to share with you three ways in which you can do that. All of them work, BUT… they only work when you are well grounded and present in your body.

The importance of grounding

Grounding means that you are energetically connected to your body and to the Earth. Here is how you create a strong grounding: first, feel every part of your body, all the way to your feet. This is the most important step! It helps you to become really present in your body and in the moment.

Then visualise or think about chords, the roots of a tree or two beams of light coming from the soles of your feet and going deeply into the Earth. Also visualise or think about a chord or a beam of light connecting the base of your spine to the core of the Earth. Please note, your intention to do this is more important than whether or not you feel or see it. (you can find my grounding meditation for free here)

When you are grounded and present in your body, you will notice much more quickly when you pick up an emotion from someone else, because it feels different! Without grounding, it all becomes a big mess: you don’t know what you are feeling yourself and as a result you don’t know what is yours and what is not.

3 steps to let go what is not yours

So step 1 is grounding. Step 2 is recognizing when something is not yours (most of the time this follows quite naturally out of step 1). Step 3 is letting go of everything that is not yours. Here are a few suggestions on how you can do that:

First of all, make sure that you have some quiet time for a few minutes. This can either be at home, in your car before your start driving, in the bathroom, or wherever you’d like to do it. You can even do it while waiting for the bus! Once you get comfortable with it, you can do it anywhere and at any time.

Take a deep breath and feel your body from your head to your feet. Check in with your grounding and if needed, re-establish your grounding cords. Then do one of the following:

#1 Visualise a waterfall of light

dreamstime_m_26103601Step under it and allow the light to wash away everything that is not yours. Maybe you can visualise the emotions from other people as certain colors in your energyfield, and allow these colors to flow into the Earth. Make sure that you do not judge whatever you are feeling or seeing. Allow the waterfall of light to fill you up completely with beautiful white light (or any color that is comfortable for you in that moment).

#2 Use an affirmation

If you don’t like visualising, you can let go of emotions from others using a simple, but very powerful affirmation: “I choose to let go of everything that’s not mine” or “I choose to let go of all emotions from other people that I’ve picked up on” or something like that. You can play with the words and use what works best for you.

#3 Transform the emotion with your heart energy

dreamstime_m_30422664This works best if you are working with a single, well-defined emotion instead of a mix of all different kinds of feelings.

Visualise that you gather the emotion in both of your hands.  Allow it to flow out of your body into your hands, as if you are holding the emotion as a precious thing in your hands.

Then imagine a beam of light coming from your heart to your hands. This is your heart energy shining upon this emotion. Allow the light and compassion from your heart to transform and dissolve the emotion.

If there is anything left after that, you can drop the remaining energy into the Earth through your grounding (this is why grounding is so essential! Without grounding the energy has nowhere to go and sticks around in your energyfield).

Don’t carry the world on your shoulders

I hope these 3 tips, together with the grounding, will help you recognize and let go of the emotions from other people. You don’t have to carry the world on your shoulders. Do your own inner work, and allow anyone else to do theirs.

And please know that grounding is a continuous practice. It continues to deepen throughout your life so you can become more and more present and balanced in yourself, in the moment, and on the planet.


You can find my free grounding meditation here.

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