If you want to manifest a change in your life, it’s not enough to just think about it and expect it to happen. There are actual things you can do to help you manifest what you want. And they can be fun!

Here are 5 of the most effective manifesting strategies you can use to make changes in your life:


1) Getting clear on what you really want (and why)

This seems obvious but if you don’t know what you want, the universe doesn’t know either.

If you go to a store and say “oh just give me anything!” you will come home with nothing. You actually have to choose what you want.

It’s the same with manifesting. The clearer you are, the easier it is to get what you want.

However: always leave room for something better or something that you haven’t thought of.

A good way to do this is to ask for what you want and then close with: “this or something better, in the best possible way for me”.

To get even clearer, think about why you want what you want. Sometimes underneath a desire is actually a deeper desire. Focus your manifestation on that deeper desire and let the universe figure out the details.


2) Feel it (fake it until you make it)

This is important. You can think about what you want all you like, but it will not come to you if you are not yet feeling it. If you keep focusing on what you don’t have (yet), the universe amplifies that. So focus on what you do want and feel it as if it already here. Make it real for yourself. Fake it until you make it.

If you want a new job, don’t just think about the job title and description and what you will do. Feel yourself doing it. Feel yourself being there. Feel yourself experiencing what you want to experience (feeling confident, capable, etc).

Make a list of how you want to feel in your new job (or home, or whatever). Then connect with these feeling as if they are already here (because they are). Everything you want to feel is already within you, you just have to tune into it and allow it to grow by focusing upon it.


3) Travel into the future

Imagine yourself in the future, telling a friend or family member how you have manifested what you wanted. Imagine the excitement as you tell them how wonderfully it all fell into place in the right timing.

Feel the excitement, the happiness, the fulfilment. Tell them how you doubted in the beginning, but that it all happened in the most perfect way.

This is a little trick that works wonders in strengthening your manifestation. Then get ready to actually have that conversation in real life!


4) Open to receive

After you’ve clarified, visualised and truly felt your manifestion it is time to let it go and consciously open yourself to receive.

Imagine yourself putting your creation in a little energy bubble between your hands. The bubble contains everything you want to feel in your manifestation. Make sure everything you want is in there, then imagine throwing the ball up to the heavens, reaching its highest point  and then returning to you like a boomerang. Open your arms and affirm: “I am open to receive this manifestation, or something better” and know that it is on its way to you.

You only have to do this once. If you keep doing it or changing it, it means you haven’t truly let go yet. Trust that your manifestation is coming to you in the best possible way and let go.


5) Go with the flow: be flexible!

If your intention is aligned with who you are and with your highest goals and purposes, it will come to you.

If not… dare to be flexible and move with what comes your way. Sometimes the process of your manifestation not (yet) coming to you is the lesson that ultimately brings you where you want to go, but in a different way and maybe in a different timing.

Don’t push a river if it’s not the right river. Keep aligning not only with what is important to you but also with where your life is taking you. Keep connecting with your intuition to see what is right for you in each moment.
Trust that what you need is coming to you.


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