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Can you ground yourself when you are on the second, third, fourth or whatever floor?

Yes you can.

In this video I am going to show you and tell you how.

My name is Irene Langeveld and I write and speak a lot about the importance of grounding when you are highly sensitive, when you are feeling a lot of emotions and energies from other people. When you have that and you don’t have grounding, you will be very quickly overwhelmed and out of balance. So grounding yourself by becoming aware of your body and imagining or visualising a connection with the earth will help you to become much more centred in yourself and much more balanced.

In my situation – I live on the fourth floor – if it wouldn’t be possible to ground yourself on an upper floor, I would have a big problem. But fortunately you can totally ground yourself wherever you are, no matter how high up you are. The easiest way to ground yourself, to be honest, is to stand with your bare feet on the ground, on the grass, connecting with nature and making your grounding from there. That is the easiest way, to feel, experience and strengthen your grounding. But you can totally ground yourself when you are inside and when you are on an upper floor and the result can be the same, but you might have to put in a little more effort.

So how can you do that?

What I do when I ground myself when I’m home, I pretend that the earth starts right underneath my feet. I am not going to think about my grounding going through my neighbours’ house and the house below that, the house below that, then the basement and then connecting with the earth.

What I do is I pretend that the earth starts right where the floor is. So I become aware of my body, I become as present as I can, and then I imagine that from my feet there’s a grounding cord that goes right into the earth, all the way down. And then I do the same for my base chakra.

I sort of ignore the fact that there are houses or neighbours below me. This works because energy is multidimensional. It doesn’t really matter and when you think about it too much, it gets way too complicated, your mind gets involved and you start to do it more from a thinking space than from a feeling space and grounding is all about setting the intent for the connection, and then feeling it, experiencing it.

Even when you are flying, when you are in a plane, you can ground yourself and what I do when I am there is to imagine that I connect all the way to the core of the earth.

Sometimes I imagine that I see it from a distance. So I see myself and I see the connection, my grounding, all the way to the core of the earth and as I travel it shifts a little of course, because I change my location. But the grounding stays in place. It’s a little bit like one of those tools that help you draw a circle, when you put the point in the centre and then you make a circle. It’s a similar thing; the point in the middle stays the same, the connection stays the same, but you shift a little bit, and that’s okay. So that’s how you can work with it.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out my grounding meditation if you haven’t already done so. It’s available on my website I will put a link below as well.

Link to grounding meditation:

Thank you so much and until the next time.



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