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Link to the Inner Child meditation.

Video Transcript:

Today I want to give you something that you can use whenever you feel triggered by something or someone in your life.

Whenever you feel that someone has pushed your buttons, when you feel emotional, angry, fearful, frustrated, or any other emotion about a situation in your life.

What I invite you to do is to ask yourself:

  • What am I learning here?
  • What can I get out of this situation?

For example: imagine a situation when someone criticises you or your work or something you have done. This can mean a whole lot of things for you, it can give you a lot of learnings and a lot of growth experiences.

For example:

  • it may be an invitation to let go of your judgment about yourself
  • it may be an invitation to let go of judgment about others
  • it may be a reflection of your own doubts and beliefs that you have about yourself or about your work and the other person is just reflecting what is inside of you
  • it may be an invitation to grow your confidence from the inside out so that you become less dependent on what other people think of you or what other people do or think or feel. You become less dependent on the other people around you and you become stronger within yourself
  • or it may be an invitation to look at certain fears or doubts in your life or about yourself. Because many times there is a fear underneath anger, frustration or sadness. When you can analyse what is going on within you, why this is triggering you so much, why you feel so bad about something. Just dig a little deeper and see why that is for you. What it is triggering for you and what fear is being activated.

And then, when you know what fear it is, maybe:

  • fear of rejection
  • fear of criticism
  • fear of not being accepted
  • ….

When you analyse it and when you find out the essence of what is being triggered inside of you, then you can work with it. You can heal it.

The biggest part of that healing is to love the part of yourself that feels the fear or the emotion. And you can use an Inner Child meditation for that. I have recorded one, you can listen to it here.

In this meditation you just imagine that the inner child that you are connecting with is representing this fear or this doubt or this belief in yourself. And you tune into what it needs from you. And you love that part of yourself, and you integrate it into your wholeness. And that is where the healing happens so that next time you will not be so triggered by it. Because when those parts of us are feeling loved and protected and save, then they don’t have to make such a big fuss when there are things going on that trigger them.

So this is my invitation to you. To look at what a certain situation is triggering in you. What you can get out of it, what you can learn from it. And really get the most out of a challenging situation. This brings you completely out of victimhood and it helps you to fully take back your power and to get everything you can out of a challenge. And then you can move forward really quickly.

So I hope this was helpful. Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s the link to the Inner Child meditation again.

Thank you so much and until the next time!

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