Open door on the green field. ConceptualThere are many ways that you can work with your emotions in order to transform or heal them and become more whole. In this article I am going to share two of those ‘methods’ with you. They are by no means the only ways you can work with your emotions, but I have found them incredibly useful over and over again.

Working with your emotions through your body

When you feel an uncomfortable emotion within you or when you feel triggered in some way, find a place to be on your own for a few minutes. Sit down, take a few deep breaths and ground yourself (you can find an example of a grounding meditation here, but you can also do it very quickly on your own once you’re used to the process).

When you feel your body and your grounding again, tune into your body and feel where the emotion is held within your body. You might feel tension, heaviness, or some sort of ‘energy ball’ in one or more parts of your body. Allow your body to lead you to the place that needs your attention most.

Now take a deep breath and send that breath to the area that feels tense or uncomfortable. Allow it to be exactly as it is. Give space to it. Imagine that your breath literally creates more space around this area of your body. Allow your body to relax.

Now from your heart, send love to that part of your body. Totally and fully accept whatever is there. This total acceptance will often cause an almost immediate relief.

It might be that the emotion gets more intense first before it transforms, and that is perfectly fine. Emotions often come in waves: when we allow them, they get more intense first before they transform and release.

When the tension has released, see if there are any other areas that ask for your attention and work with those in the same way until it feels done.

Working with your emotions through your inner child

handsAnother way to work with your emotions is through your inner child.

Here I assume that we all have vulnerable sides within ourselves that need our love and attention. We all have our old programs and habits that have their roots in the past, when we were less in our power and were more vulnerable. All of these old programs and habits were like survival mechanisms that helped us survive. They have served us well. Now it is time to let go of some of these old restrictions and step into a new future. But we do not do that by kicking the old program out with judgment and furstration. Instead, I propose we do it with love and appreciation for who we were and for who we have become.

So how can you do this?

When you feel the emotion, ground yourself first. Then imagine a little child standing in front of you (or residing within you in the place in your body where you feel the emotion). Take a bit of time to observe or feel the child. What does it need from you?

Then go into your heart space and radiate your heart energy and all of your love towards this child. You can embrace him/her energetically or in your vision. Hold him/her. Or just send love and compassion from a distance. Do whatever feels right for you in the moment. Sometimes the inner child feels unsafe and insecure, and doesn’t want to be embraced just yet. Give it some time. Treat him/her like you would a most precious young child.

As you allow this child to get used to you and be embraced in love and appreciation, the energy of the emotion is already transforming. If it feels like you get stuck, ask the child what it needs from you. Usually that is to be seen, acknowledged, recognized, loved, accepted… Consciously work with the child. You can even talk to him/her, re-assure this part of you that it is safe, secure and loved in this moment.

Sometimes it helps to hold the hand of the little boy or girl. This allows you to be connected with him/her as well as with your adult self at the same time. To have these energies present and connected with one another is very powerful and transformative.

The essence: welcoming, accepting, loving yourself and everything that comes up

dreamstime_xs_25698153You can use either one of those methods when challenging emotions come up. I use whatever feels right in the moment. It is all about welcoming the emotion, accepting the vulnerable sides of yourself and fully loving every little piece of you. That brings you more into your wholeness.

You are all of your experiences combined together in a uniquely beautiful way. When you embrace all that you are, you can truly become all that you are in all of your magnificence. And you can be a perfectly imperfect human!

Heart to heart,


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