I help sensitive people to go from feeling vulnerable in their sensitivity to feeling powerful in their sensitivity. One of the keys to make that transition is to start feeling safe & comfortable in your body and to create that safety for yourself wherever you go.

Situations that can trigger a feeling of unsafety

When you are sensitive, many situations can trigger a feeling of unsafety. For example, you can feel unsafe when:

  • you feel judged and/or rejected
  • finances are unstable
  • you feel conflict between people (even when it’s not about you)
  • a situation reminds you of an earlier situation that felt unpleasant or unsafe
  • you get ‘triggered’ and your old wounds/hurts come to the surface

You can even run your life in a default setting of feeling ‘unsafe’ just because of all the energies you feel around you.

The result is that you leave your grounding and that you feel unstable, worried, uncomfortable and out of balance. You move from your heart back into your head.

How can you feel more safe?

Feeling safe is partly an inside job and partly an outside job. If you are in an environment that just isn’t right for you, where you don’t fit and don’t feel a connection with people, it will be hard to feel safe and comfortable there.

People there will not see you because of the wall you put around you and/or they are just so different they wouldn’t really be able to see who you are anyway (even without the wall). And that’s okay, don’t blame yourself for it. It’s not you, it’s the combination between you and the environment that doesn’t work.

Sometimes it’s the right thing to change environments and to look for places where you can be yourself and be seen for who you are.

But there are always things you can do yourself to make yourself feel more safe, no matter where you are. Here are a few steps you can take:

1) Ground and manage your energy

Make sure you ground yourself every day and manage your energy: imagine your own energy being contained within your own energy field (your energy field is the space up until an armslength distance from your body on all sides).

Be very aware of the boundary of your energy field: where you stop and the outside world begins. Try to stay aware of this boundary at all times and stay on your side of the line with your energy. This will help keep your energy together and create a safe space for yourself.

2) Create your own safe space within your energy field

Imagine that you fill your energy field with an energy, a color or a feeling (like peace, trust, joy, or whatever feeling you need most right now) and imagine that this energy/color/feeling fills up your entire body and your entire energy field. Let it completely fill and surround you. Let it nurture you and know that you are safe.

You can also imagine a light in your heart growing bigger and bigger… until it completely fills your body and your energy field.

3) Let go of what other people think

I know this is way easier said than done. But know that even when you are fully 100% connected with yourself, aligned with your talents and who you are…. there will still be people who won’t like you or who won’t like what you do or how you do it. And that’s okay.

The more okay you can be with that, and the more you realise that it’s really not about you but about them, and that there will always be people out there who will judge… the more peaceful and the more safe you will be able to feel.

And remember: often when we fear a particular judgment from other people it is because we actually hold that judgment about ourselves. When you release the self-judgment, the opinions of other people don’t matter so much anymore.

4) Align with your intuition to feel which choices are right for you

Practice connecting with yourself, your heart and/or your intuition. When you do this every day, you will create a habit of feeling into what’s right for you rather than thinking about what would be right for you. That feeling is the key to your intuition and to making choices that are aligned with your soul’s journey for this lifetime. This will help you make the right decisions for you.

You can use the meditations in my free meditation series Living in Peace to help you do that. Or click here to watch my exercise for connecting with your intuition to help you make the right choices.

Know that safety and feeling safe has many different layers and you can continue to grow in your ability to feel deeply and completely safe.

I know I am :-)

Many blessings,


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