The power of words

Affirmations are statements that you say to yourself, like:

“I am healthy”
“I am abundant”
“I am beautiful”

They are meant to help bring that desired state to you. The idea is that by saying “I am abundant” you align with the vibration of abundance and therefore, you bring more of that to you. This is what is often called the law of attraction: by focusing on what you want, you draw it to you. Like attracts like.
However, that is not always how it works.

For example, if you are saying: “I am abundant” but you truly don’t believe it and there’s a little voice in your head saying “no, you’re not!”, then that little voice is counteracting your positive affirmation. Moreover, because that little voice might bring fear or worry with it, it might cause you to focus on those fears and worries more than on what you really want.

Choosing the right words for you

What you can do instead is to change the words in the affirmation so that you do believe them. Saying these affirmations should be a joy for you. It is important to find the words that light your heart up and get you started in the right direction.

So instead of “I am abundant” you could say: “I am open to receive abundance in my life”. Or: “I choose to align with the energy of abundance”. Or: “Abundance is coming my way now”.

Instead of “I am healthy” you could say: “I am taking small steps everyday to improve my health”. Or: “I choose to become more healthy and I open to more vitality and ease in my life”. Or: “I support my body as it moves in the direction of more health and vitality”.

Instead of “I am beautiful” you could say: “I choose to see more of my own value and grow in my self acceptance”. Or: “I focus on the things that I like about myself”. Or: “I choose to grow in my self-worth”.

The possibilities are endless here. See what words resonate for you and try them on. Speak them out loud a few times to see how your body reacts and how it feels. If it feels good, it IS good!

Intention + Action = magic

Another way that affirmations can be not-so-helpful is when there is no action attached to the words.

When you say: “I want to grow in my self worth” but at the end of each day you keep focusing on everything you did wrong that day, then you’re not really moving in the direction of more self worth. Instead, try to focus on what you did right. Start a gratitude journal where you write down everything that you were grateful for that day. Start being your own best friend.

When you say: “I want to be healthier”, see if you can find ways to live a healthier life, in a way that works for you. Find the small steps that you can take in your life that bring you a little closer to a healthy body. Keep it small and manageable, so that you can really integrate it into your life and build from there.

If you say “I am abundant” but you do not take action to bring that abundance your way, you will probably not become much more abundant. Intention + action is what makes creations come around. Intention alone is not enough.

I am not saying that for every creation you must work hard. But once you have set your intention, I believe it is important to follow the flow, to take action on the things that feel right to you and to follow your intuition every step of the way. Focus on the small, manageable steps that you can take in your daily life that feel good to you. When you do that, you combine your own inner guidance with the power of the universe, which opens the door for magical experiences.