Even though being highly sensitive comes with a lot of challenges, ultimately your sensitivity is an enormous gift. Here are some ways in which your sensitivity helps you and the world around you:


You feel & live life fully

You feel deeply. This may mean that you are easily hurt but also that you are able to enjoy life deeply. You have no difficulty enjoying the little things in life, because:

You connect deeply

You connect deeply with life, with the people around you, with things, with nature. And you can connect deeply with yourself. You have a rich inner world and you have the possibility to

Become very intuitive

You are sensitive to what is going on around you but also to what is going on inside you. This means you can develop a pure and clear connection with your intuition. Your intuition can be your guide to helping yourself and others.

You want to help others

You have a deep desire to be of service and help others. You may even want to help create a better world, on a big scale or a smaller scale. You care.

You are compassionate

You care about others and you are a true giver (often to the expense of yourself, which is one of the challenges of your sensitivity). You need to learn to create healthy boundaries and take care of yourself first so that you can help others.

You are creative

You have a desire to express yourself and your experiences through art, music, dancing, poetry, words…. and you are also creative in thinking: you think outside of the box and you are able to put yourself in other people’s shoes so you can view something from different perspectives and find solutions that benefit all.

You are a pioneer

In short, you are a pioneer. You are figuring out how to live life in deeper connection yourself, the people around you and the world in general. More and more people will experience this and when they do, you have the experience to help them. So never forget: even though being highly sensitive can be difficult at times, and it’s hard to lose sight of yourself… your sensitivity is your greatest gift!

Would you like to really enjoy your sensitivity?

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