I hear it frequently: readers or healers who make drastic statements to their clients about the future. For example:

  • you will never have kids
  • you will never find true love
  • someone you know will die young
  • the person that you are in love with will come back to you
  • you will…. (fill in the blank something definitive about your future)

All of these statements are statements about the future: something that hasn’t happened yet.

They are also pretending to state the ‘truth’: this is going to happen, and there’s nothing (or not much) you can do about it.

Here’s the big problem: many people who hear these kinds of statements not only believe them but they also let them rule their life for many years to come.

So when they’ve heard: you’ll never find true love, every time they have a date, they will remember that statement. They will doubt themselves and it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Here’s the truth:


No one can tell you your future.


People who are intuitive can see or feel ‘potentials’: they can see or feel in what direction you are headed.


But this can change at ANY time!


The future hasn’t been created yet. The future is about the choices that YOU make. And the choices that other people make. We live on a planet with free choice. So ALL potentials can be changed at any time.

We don’t have any control over what other people will choose. So making statements about what other people will or will not do, is not something a good reader or healer will do. It can cause people to wait for their ‘true love’ for many years without any results. Instead of moving on and choosing their own happiness, they keep clinging to the old connection. This is not helpful in any way. I’ve seen it often and it always makes me sad when I see people giving their power and their happiness away like that.


What a good reader or healer will do


A good reader or healer will always honor free choice. A good reader or healer will never allow you to give your power away by telling you what is or is not going to happen. A good reader or healer will not tell you your future (because they know they can’t).

So if you encounter someone who says things about your future in a way that suggests there’s nothing you can do about it, back off. Be aware that you always have complete free choice, and that your future is not set in stone.

It can be helpful to know about potentials. As long as you are aware that these are indeed potentials until they really happen, there’s nothing wrong with asking for potentials. Just know that potentials can change, that you can change and that other people can change. Therefore, no one can predict your future.


*steps off soapbox*


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