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What can you do when you find it difficult to focus during meditations?

What if your mind goes everywhere and you keep drifting off?

This is a question I get a lot. I want to share with you that the purpose of meditation is not that you have a completely quiet mind, or that you will never drift away.

Observe without judgment

Some people might be better at it than others, but the focus of meditation is that you observe what is happening inside of you. To do that without judgement and to become very present in yourself, so you connect back to yourself. When you do that, you will feel more balanced and more peaceful afterwards.

So it is totally normal to have your thoughts drift off during meditations. The trick is to just observe when that happens. As soon as you notice it, you are actually back in the present moment. So as soon as you notice it, you bring yourself back, without judgement, and you just say to yourself: “okay I drifted off, let’s go back to where we were”.

When it is a guided meditation this is quite easy, because you can just follow along with wherever the meditation is. But it is important to not judge yourself, because then you come into another cycle of thoughts and judgements and all kinds of stuff. Just notice what’s happening, bring yourself back when you notice it and enjoy the meditation.

Also notice the difference in how you feel after the meditation. If you feel more peaceful and more balanced, even though your mind went everywhere, than that was a great meditation. Because it helped you to find that deeper level of balance and peace within you.

My invitation to you is to let go of your judgement and to just go with the flow, to know that it is very normal that you drift of during meditations and it is not the purpose of the meditation to completely quiet you mind. I don’t even think that that is possible actually.

The only way to slow down your mind…

Another thing is, when your mind is very busy, it will not help you to say to your mind that it should quiet down. Or to think really hard that you should stop your thoughts, or that you want to stop your thoughts, or that you want to feel more peaceful. Because then you are coming from that same energy, and that will not work.

The only thing that I know that helps to quiet your mind, to become more peaceful and to have that train of thought go slower, is to go into your body. To become as present as you can be. To move your energy downward, to ground yourself, to be present in your body. When you do that, your thoughts automatically slow down.

So that’s what I teach all my clients, and what I say to myself as well. I just wanted to share that with you in this video. For those of you who are a little worried about the mind that goes everywhere, or who want to feel more peaceful in their mind, have a more quiet mind.

The way to do it is:

  • to become as present as you can be
  • to not judge yourself
  • to bring yourself back as soon as you notice, without judgement, and just continue with whatever you were doing.

So, enjoy this, enjoy the meditations that are on my website or any other meditations that you like to do and I hope to see you at another time.

P.S. You can find my most popular free guided meditations on this page!


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