Today I want to share a simple tool with you that you can use whenever you feel vulnerable, overwhelmed or uncomfortable by what you are feeling from other people.

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Video Transcript:

I would like to share a simple tool with you today that you can use when you feel vulnerable.

For example when you are walking down the street or you are in the supermarket or anywhere else and you feel overwhelmed by either certain people, things that you feel from certain people, or in general.

The usual pattern is that as a sensitive person, you make yourself very small because you feel all of that and it doesn’t feel comfortable and you feel vulnerable. And because you feel vulnerable you make yourself smaller and smaller and when you do that, you feel even more vulnerable.

That is the usual pattern that I see a lot and that I have lived myself many times as well.

But there is a way to reverse is and it’s really fun to play with that.

What I would like to suggest to you is that next time you feel that vulnerability, instead of making yourself small, to connect with your heart, with your core and allow your energy to expand.

And instead of allowing the energies from outside of you to make you feel small, connect with yourself, allow your energy to expand and radiate that energy outward.

You can connect with your heart, with your heart energy and imagine that your heart energy grows bigger and bigger and radiates outward. Or you can connect with your core, with your being, whatever feels right for you.

The essence is that you connect with yourself and that you radiate your positivity, your energy outward and give it to the people around you without having attachment to what they do with it.

Instead of allowing the outside to influence you start to consciously influence the world around you.

That is my tip for today and I would say: play with it, have fun with it and let me know how it works for you!

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