Recently a lot of people have found my meditation on intuitive decision making on Youtube. (You can find that meditation here).

In this short meditation you use your body to tune into your intuition about a decision you need to make.

This is how it works:

1) Pick one option, pretend that you’ve already chosen that, and observe what happens in your body, mind and feelings.

2) Take a few deep breaths to come into a neutral state again

3) Pick the other option, pretend you’ve already chosen that and notice what happens in your body, mind and feelings.

This is perfect in yes/no situations (for example: do I go to… or do I not go? Do I move forward with this project or not?) or in situations where you have two options (for example: travel to X or travel to Y, apply for job A or B, etc).

By comparing the reactions to both options, you can often get a good sense about what the right course of action is for you.

This technique to tune into your intuition works really well. There are however a few caveats, which I’d like to address in this blogpost.

Only connect when you’re balanced 


Tuning into your intuition and getting a clear answer can only happen when you are truly open to the outcome and are open to all possibilities. Also the ones that you may not like. Therefore you need to have a little distance from the topic you are addressing.

This means that when your question is about something you deeply care about, it is harder to get an answer you can trust. If you really, really want something, you might not be open to any intuitive guidance that might point you in a different direction. You can definitely do it, but you have to make sure that you’re in a balanced, neutral state before you tune in to your intuition.

Tip: start with small questions first so you can get to know your intuition and how it communicates with you. This will make it easier to go for the big questions later on. (My online course Open Your Intuition can give you lots of opportunities to practice!).

What if I don’t get a clear answer?

Sometimes you are in the right mindset, and you are open to all possibilities… but you’re still not getting a clear answer. You get similar feelings on both options, or no response at all.

This can happen, there’s nothing wrong with you or your intuition when this happens. Most of the time it is one of three things:

a) Not the right timing

Sometimes it’s simply not time yet to make a decision. This will result in a fuzzy answer from your intuition. If you suspect this might be happening, you can simply ask: ‘is this the right time for me to make a decision?’ and notice what comes up. An answer can come through a body sensation, a thought, a feeling or just a knowing.

b) The choice doesn’t really matter

Other times, we think a choice is really important, but if you would zoom out and look from a distance (which is what your intuition does) it doesn’t really matter. In that case you will also get unclear answers, or two similar answers.

c) There is another option that you haven’t considered yet

Sometimes when both options give you a ‘meh’ feeling or when they feel kind of the same, it means that there is another option that is the best for you.

So think or feel about this:

– is there something else that you could do that you haven’t considered yet?

– if yes, do the exercise on this option and see what happens!

Keep in mind when connecting with your intuition:

When you are very tired it is very difficult to get a clear answer. Rest first, then try again.

Tuning into your intuition is also very difficult when you are emotionally upset. If that is the case: don’t tune into your intuition. You won’t get good answers. First rest, re-balance, then try again.

This will make sure you are truly open and in the right mindset to receive answers from your intuition.

How to further open and develop your intuition

In my online course Open Your Intuition you learn how you can connect with your intuition for guidance and insights in all areas of your life. It goes over the main ways your intuition can communicate with you: seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing. It teaches you how you can ask open questions to your intuition and recognize the answers that your intuition is giving you. With lots of guided meditations to practice. Read more below!